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Don’t hesitate to reach out to TCGA to discuss your sports medicine business needs.  Our Associates are experts in all areas of sports medicine who will work to provide quality, cost-effective solutions to your sports medicine business challenges.  Following are a few of the areas of sports medicine we work in, but if you do not see your area of challenges, contact us for a free consultation.

Athletic Training Program Direction/Strategy/Operations
  • TCGA has Associates that work “boots on the ground” with AT program administration to develop and implement program standards, consult on the latest trends in accreditation, and consult on program administration at all levels.
  • TCGA consults with Athletic Training Programs, currently at the Professional Entry-level Bachelor program, moving to Entry-level Masters to determine should I, and if so, how to.  Every program has their individual issues to understand and problems to resolve. TCGA Associates have the experience to walk with you through these issues, bringing you to the best solution for you and your institution.
Medical Billing/Coding
  • Medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management
  • Negotiating provider contracts with payers
  • Creating Revenue Cycle policies and procedures
  • Assisting in selection and implementation of Electronic Medical Record and Billing systems including staff training,
  • Develop and implement Compliance Plans, including on-going annual training
Clinical Documentation by AT

Work with AT staff to meet clinical documentation standards for professional liability and third party reimbursement

Collegiate AT/SM Clinical Operations – Assessment/Operations
Comprehensive review of collegiate athletic departments to include, but not be limited to, healthcare standards, operational policies and procedures, contracts for health care, cost containment relative to health care, drug testing policies, concussion policies and emergency action plans.
Electronic Health Records
  • Assisting in selection and implementation of appropriate and cost effective Electronic Medical Record and Billing systems solutions

  • Implementation and staff training,
Emerging Settings
TCGA has Associates with experience in all clinical and emerging practices, and expertise in billing, revenue generation, reimbursement, job creation and AT practice advancement.  We will work with the health system, clinical practice or state association to review existing programs or policies, or work with them to develop and implement new opportunities in the following:

      • Health Care Admin/Rehab,
      • Physician Practice,
      • Occupational Health,
      • Performing Arts,
      • Public Safety
Governmental Affairs/State Legislation

TCGA has Associates with extensive experience and expertise in state legislative and regulatory affairs pertaining to athletic training.  Some of the areas we work with the state association:

    • Assist State ATA in lobbyist selection and coordination
    • Participate in legislative strategic planning with state lobbyist and state EC
Health system business development
The secret to successful business development, or determining if successful business development is even possible with your business, is more about the art, not the science. Anyone can collect the information necessary to do an assessment, if they understand what to collect. But only individuals who know what to do with the information, understanding what it is telling them, then translating that information into a plan and understanding how to implement that plan, will consistently be successful in growing a business or association. Yes, it takes knowledge and experience, but it also takes talent.

To get to a specific place or location, you have to know where you want to end up. Business development is no different. You have to have a vision and mission as to where you want your organization to go. Then you have to have a roadmap, or strategic plan, as to how to get to your desired location from where you are starting from. And yet all the planning in the world will not get you to your desired location without proper implementation, project management.

TCGA has the group of Associates that have the knowledge, experience and talent to help your organization determine its focused vision/mission, develop strategies on how to get there, and be able to operationalize the strategic plan. Independently our resumes demonstrate that. Collectively, we are a formidable, synergistic team.

Performance Enhancement Programs/Business
  • Comprehensive review of current Performance Enhancement program or business
  • Assist in the development and implementation of new Performance Enhancement program or business
  • Review includes:
    • Appropriate cash fee for service structure
    • Programs developed for sports specific training to improve performance and reduce injury risk


Secondary School AT/SM Clinical Operations – Assessment/Operations

Comprehensive review of secondary school athletic departments to include, but not be limited to, healthcare standards, operational policies and procedures, cost containment relative to health care, drug testing policies, concussion policies and emergency action plans.

Athletic Trainers’ State Association Management

Every State Athletic Trainer Association (State ATA) has different needs and budgets.  As a company owned and operated by athletic trainers, we bring AT prospective to the state association administration and governance, as well as proven business and administrative expertise.  TCGA will work with the state AT Executive Leadership to determine the best step(s) forward. Some of the services TCGA can provide follow. However, it may not be necessary or chosen for TCGA to provide all of these duties.  This will be determined in working with the State ATA Executive Team.

  1. Governance: Works with board to fulfill the organization mission.
  2. Financial Performance and Viability: Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.
  3. Organization Mission and Strategy: Works with board and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning and community outreach.
  4. Organization Operations. Oversees and implements appropriate resources to ensure that the operations of the organization are appropriate.
AT Third Party Reimbursement Services
TCGA is uniquely qualified to provide third party payer consulting and project management services.  Our Principle & resource of Associates are health care professionals who understand athletic trainers, the specialty practices they work in and the business of health care.  We have developed or been involved at senior executive levels of successful healthcare businesses. TCGA’s Principle worked with the NATA as National Manager of Strategic Business Development, assisting athletic trainers for over 4 years with billing, coding, reimbursement and business strategy issues.  He developed and implemented the three (3) year Third Party Reimbursement Pilot that has demonstrated success in attaining recognition and reimbursement for services provided and billed directly by athletic trainers. TCGA has over 35 years’ experience in payor contract negotiation and billing physical medicine and rehabilitation services in numerous health care settings.  TCGA has the experience, resources and problem solving strengths to understand the issues facing ATs in third party reimbursement, develop a third party reimbursement strategy specific to the client and project management of the implementation of the strategy if so called on. Third party reimbursement services and areas we work in are:

  • Business Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Policies and Procedures development
  • Work in all Sport Medicine Areas:
    • Clinical practices;
    • Health systems;
    • Individual states;
    • Universities/colleges;
Healthcare Billing in University Athletics

Currently there are a number of college and university athletics programs investigating billing for medically necessary care provided in their sports medicine, athletic training facilities. This is a unique setting in the billing for medical and physical medicine services because it is adding to the complexities of medical billing, the complexity of navigating through a University’s policies and culture. Questions come up like:

  • Do we follow HIPAA or FERPA regulations?
  • Under what provider number do we bill?
  • Where does the revenue flow once collected?
  • Who negotiates contracts with insurance carriers?
  • What system do we use to track care, and bill insurance with?
  • What guidelines do we use to bill student athletes insurance – when do we bill, for what injury?
  • Is the return on investment high enough to justify the resources and change in culture this will cause?

TCGA’s Principle and Partners have experience in this unique environment and in this type of healthcare billing. This experience provides for professional resources and problem solving strengths to work with colleges and universities to answer the above questions, and determine the return on investment and financial feasibility. If the answers meet administration goals and expectations, then TCGA can assist in the creation of a process for the university to walk through the complexities of medical coding/billing, and if desired, assist in implementation through project management. TCGA is not in business to sell a proprietary process, methodology or particular system. We bring our experience, expertise and resources to find the right solution for your organization.

Outsourced Administrative/Executive Leadership

There are times in the life of a company or organization that interim or part-time leadership is needed. There can be many reasons for this:

  1. An executive leader has left abruptly, and there is a need for interim leadership while the recruiting/search process takes place to fill the position permanently.
  2. The company or association is growing rapidly and is in need of specific leadership or operational leadership to fill a gap while the company grows to point of being able to hire full time.
  3. An entrepreneur needs specific leadership skills to balance their own, allowing the company to continue on a growth curve.
  4. Need for executive talent to lead a specific project, and more cost effective to contract than to hire.

We have sat in your chair as a manager, executive and owner. Whether your business is a start-up or large corporation, for-profit or non-profit, we have experience in successful leadership. TCGA, with multiple successful business associates, have resources to provide the type of interim or contract leadership that your company or association needs.

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