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AT Third Party Reimbursement Services

TCGA is uniquely qualified to provide third party payer consulting and project management services. Our Principle & resource of Associates are health care professionals who understand athletic trainers, the specialty practices they work in and the business of health care.

We have developed or been involved at senior executive levels of successful healthcare businesses. TCGA’s Principle worked with the NATA as National Manager of Strategic Business Development, assisting athletic trainers for over 4 years with billing, coding, reimbursement and business strategy issues. He developed and implemented the three (3) year Third Party Reimbursement Pilot that has demonstrated success in attaining recognition and reimbursement for services provided and billed directly by athletic trainers. TCGA has over 35 years’ experience in payor contract negotiation and billing physical medicine and rehabilitation services in numerous health care settings.

TCGA has the experience, resources and problem solving strengths to understand the issues facing ATs in third party reimbursement, develop a third party reimbursement strategy specific to the client and project management of the implementation of the strategy if so called on. Third party reimbursement services and areas we work in are:

  • Business Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Policies and Procedures development
  • Work in all Sport Medicine Areas:
  • Clinical practices;
  • Health systems;
  • Individual states;
  • Universities/colleges