Providing Strategic and Project Management Solutions in the Business of Sports Medicine

Business of Athletic Training (BoAT) Academy®

TCGA has partnered with ebpCENTRAL to develop the Business of Athletic Training (BoAT) Academy®. With the focus strictly on the business of AT/sports medicine, our vision is the BoAT Academy will become a comprehensive business education/training consortium for AT/sports medicine professionals, with course offerings relating to all practice settings. Participants can earn BOC CEU credits while gaining and honing their business skills.

Over the last several years, Clark has been an invaluable asset to the Dissinger Reed team.  His knowledge and expertise within the clinical/provider setting has greatly helped manage and guide our clientele through some very complex sports medicine undertakings.   Without hesitation, I would encourage anyone to reach out and speak with Clark about his extensive products and services.

Christian Reed Dissinger Reed
Christian Reed

I’ve had the privilege of working with Clark over the course of many years on several different projects and initiatives. Clark is an excellent strategist with great vision. He can take big picture goals and design and implement specific strategies to accomplish them. He’s extremely organized and focused and carries projects through to completion. Clark’s background and years of experience enable him to bring unique and effective perspectives to projects. He has outstanding business acumen and is a trusted partner and project leader.

Marjorie J. Albohm Ossur Academy
Marjorie J. Albohm

The landscape of medical billing has changed drastically in the last 15 years, nowhere more so than in intercollegiate sports medicine.  As Administrator of Insurance / Medical Billing for the Clemson University Athletic Department, I have found Clark Simpson’s vast knowledge and expertise an invaluable resource.  Not only is he able to evaluate our specific situations at Clemson with 500+ athletes, but he is also able to share current best practices in the industry from across conferences and across the country.  Clark’s attention to detail and his prompt responses are certainly refreshing in a professional atmosphere where technology seems to delay clear communication, rather than expedite it. He totally lives up to his reputation and I would highly recommend his group to any school / department / Administrator.

Sharon J. Weaver Clemson University Athletic Department
Sharon J. Weaver

As a young professional taking a giant leap into the world of business recently, Clark’s direction, advice, and encouragement has been essential for me. The service he has provided for me and my business will be forever embedded in the foundation of my company and the service I provide to my clients, patients, and athletes. I am a novice in the world of business and while I find his knowledge and experience instrumental for my success, Clark has gone beyond just strategy and planning advice and has recognized the entrepreneurial spirit I had shining dimly and helped give it the spark it needed. He has provided me honest advice and constructive input to my ideas and provided encouragement to keep pursuing my ideas when “imposter syndrome” sets in. I simply cannot express how grateful I am for the support he has provided to me thus far.

Brandy Jewett Jewett Sports and Occupational Health
Brandy Jewett

PATS has had the pleasure of working with The Clark Group Associates over the past year on 2 very diverse projects; State Association Executive Director contracting and PA Third Party Reimbursement business assessment. TCGA demonstrates an ability to capture ideas and goals of our board, creating a streamlined approach to finding the outcomes desired. Additionally they have the acumen and vision to assemble a team under Clark Simpson’s direction that are critical to the success of our states projects. Clark, as well as his associates, displayed the utmost professionalism, organization and a genuine passion for our success.

Pennsylvania Atheltics Trainers Society 
Pennsylvania Atheltics Trainers Society