Our Mission

Providing Solutions for the Business of Sports Medicine

TCGA is a strategic and project management firm laser-focused on the business of Athletic Training & Sports Medicine. Our Associates are subject matter experts in athletic training, sports medicine and related areas of business. Our clients include AT national, district and state organizations, AT healthcare providers and their employers in all areas of AT business. TCGA’s value comes in:


Working with you and your stakeholders to identify and clarify your business challenges.

Lead in the development of strategic and operational plans to address these challenges

Provide project management to successfully implement and manage these plans.

Who Is The Clark Group Associates, Inc.?

The Clark Group Associates, Inc. is a strategic and project management firm laser-focused on the business of Sports Medicine.  TCGA is not in business to sell a product, proprietary process or methodology. We work with you to identify and clarify the fundamental business challenges you are facing. Bringing years of successful business experience and expertise from sports medicine business professionals with subject matter expertise specific to your individual needs and challenges, TCGA works to bring stability to your chaos, and clarity to your confusion.  We are problem solvers, working to provide successful solutions to your sports medicine business challenges.

Firm Differentiators: What sets TCGA apart?

Clark Simpson, President/CEO of The Clark Group Associates, Inc., has been successful as an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur.  While experiencing the difficulties, perils, pride & joys of business ownership, Clark’s skills in branding, strategy, creative problem solving, team builder and organizational change have been honed, making him a sought-after consultant.   As a Senior Executive, Clark‘s leadership and innovation have resulted in successful corporate re-organizations and turn-a-rounds of poor performing divisions and companies.  As adjunct Professor in Anderson University’s Falls School of Business MBA Program, he has the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge with students, as well as continuing to learn.  Clark had the privilege to work with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, providing management for Strategic Business Development nationally.  He was the first athletic trainer on staff at the NATA national office and was recognized as the association’s consultant expert on billing, coding and revenue issues.

TCGA has access to business professionals with subject matter expertise in every area of sports medicine.   No matter what the sports medicine business need, we bring together the best and the brightest, in a collaborative fashion, to respond to your need.  Usually, the engagement begins with a feasibility study to identify and clarify issues creating the challenges.  Based upon issues presented, and business expertise required, an Engagement Team is assembled to meet the business requirements.  This ability to put together a Team with the right experience, ability to assess and diagnosis, lay out a strategic plan and implement the plan and is what sets The Clark Group Associates apart from the rest.

  • We have sat in your chair, as a staff AT, a manager, a senior executive and/or business owner.
  • We have demonstrated success with all size companies, from business start-ups or business re-organizations to for-profits or not-for-profits.
  • We will work with you to identify, clarify & strategize solutions to your business issues.
  • We will work with you to implement your strategy & monitor your results.
  • We have proven, trusted healthcare professional associates with different business specialties and subject matter expertise that cover the full realm of issues this business solution may require.

We believe that for a partnership to truly succeed, all members of the partnership need to win.  In TCGA you will find an organization that is willing and able to work interactively and collaboratively in order to identify problems, develop and implement solutions, and capitalizes on opportunities.