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Believing the need for Athletic Trainer (AT) business education is real and unfulfilled, TCGA developed the Business of Athletic Training (BoAT) Academy® to provide real-life business learning and experiences from practicing ATs, as well as business resources ATs can readily use in their world. Focused on the business that surrounds and is intertwined within AT/sports medicine, the BoAT Academy's vision is the advancement of the AT profession by increasing business knowledge and skills and business resource access, resulting in a comprehensive business education consortium for AT/sports medicine professionals.

BoAT Academy's presentations are available FREE of CHARGE through Podcast audio & video streams. BoAT Academy DOES NOT offer BOC CEUs for its content.


BoAT Academy Podcasts

You can find Business of Athletic Training (BoAT) Academy® podcasts, FREE of CHARGE, on YouTube. Following are a listing of podcasts available on the TCGA’s Business of Athletic Training (BoAT) Academy YouTube channel:

Case Study: Stacey Ritter, Concussion Navigation Services

"After 30 years of being employed by others, I knew that I would need help. I saw a reply that Clark Simpson had posted on NATA Gather, and remembered we had met many years ago, and that he was an AT as well as an entrepreneur. I reached out to see if this might be a good solution, and started working with Clark right away. From the very beginning steps, it was a great reassurance to have a trusted and experienced partner set me up for success..."