Kevin Huff

Credentials: MBA
Title: Co-Owner and Chief Experience Officer
Company: Sales Artists

Expertise Areas: Marketing: Product, Channel, Communications; Training: Skills, Management, Systems, Product

Sales Artists is dedicated to coaching sales strategies that can be immediately applied to any sales approach that creates a sustainable lift in revenue and sales results. They blend the science of selling with the Art of Selling in a way that compresses the time it takes to build trust, establish rapport, position timely solutions that help to grow and maintain long-term sustainable customer relationships.  It’s the Real ABCs of Selling — no flash-in-the-pan tactics. The Art of selling is what Sales Artists teach and coach — how to do what the top 10% of successful sales professionals have been doing across all industries, for the last 100+ years.

Sales Artists was instrumental in developing a new training concept aimed at breaking the 80/20 rule.  Initial launch targeted a large (200+ salespeople) Fortune 500 telecom sales organization.  Results have been phenomenal:

Year one:

  •  – 94% increase in New Hire sales during their first 3 months on the job,
  •  – Employee turnover ratio of 60% dropped to 17%.

Years 2 thru 7:

  •  – Sustained compound annual growth rate (sales) of 37%.
  •  – Employee turnover increased to 20% but was net positive (more promotions than dismissals!)

Sales Artists also has created marketing campaigns for telecom products long since forgotten (voice) and increased sales over 200% in the following month. The campaign did not just target customers with a promotion, but focused on the entire reach of the product from the network and improvements needed to support the planned growth to the shift required in the salesforce’ approach to voice, to compensation, partners (3rd party resellers), promotions, and customer service. Overall, this campaign received the highest accolades from the top executives at the company.

Kevin has founded multiple successful businesses and has his BS degree from Anderson University.